Gaining Composure

Life with Lily is great and we're figuring out how to go about a "normal" day little by little. I've been out with her alone now, which took some time to get my courage up, but we did it and all went well. I went to visit with my friend, Sara, who will be having a baby NEXT WEEK!!!!! I'm very excited to meet Lily's boyfriend ;)
I have been knitting away, furiously, failingly. Would show you photos but, of course, they're for Christmas and I can't risk it. I will be posting photos onto Ravelry soon, so if you have an account, check me out - katlily (nice and easy, right?)

It's snowing today, the second time already! I have a feeling it's going to be a snowy winter (and I am NOT complaining). To that end, I'm entering a contest in the hopes of joining a Hot Cocoa swap!!!! Sound interesting? Check it out http://cocoaswap.blogspot.com/

All righty, I'm going to get back to Christmas knitting, enjoying the snowy cold and - oh how exciting - the baby's first real bath today!!!!


Lillian Rose

born 11/13/2007 6:24 am, 6 lbs 11 oz, 18 1/4 inches


The promised photos


SO, I can't find the cable hook my camera up to my computer, but I wanted to let you all know what's been going on. The nursery is very close to being completed!
Also, I got a package from my Secret Pal - it's amazing! There's a copy of a great book, Punknits, 2 skeins of gorgeous yarn (one appears to be silk!), a lovely smelling soap and an incense holder - thank you Secret Pal!

I also had my birthday and got some great presents, and need to mention 2 in particular - a CIRCUS waffle maker from my lovely hubby and more knitting stuff from my friend, Jen! She gave me 2 skeins of beautiful Noro yarn, a book called Hip Knit Hats, a set of DPNs and circular needles in order to make an awesome hat! I'm going to start as soon as I get the ornaments for my ornament exchange knitted up and felted. Oh, did I mention that I'm starting to felt?! I knitted up and felted a swatch of red and green stripes last night! It was also my first time knitting in 2 colors... I need some practice, but I think it's going to be great in the end!

I'll post photos as soon as I find that darn chord!


Getting close!

So, I have 5 weeks until my due date - super exciting! I can't wait to meet my little girl (I guess I have to motor on that blanket...)
Well, I got a little fire under my butt today and started getting the nursery together. I still need some decorative touches and curtains, but it's getting there. I'm not sure if all the dots will remain as they are, but I will wait and see what John says. Or you - what do you think?


Busy week!

So, last weekend, John surprised me and took Saturday off and took me into the city as an early birthday surprise. My birthday isn't until the 12th, but he will have to work and though he IS coming home early, I guess he wanted to make sure he got to spoil me with a whole day, which is fine with me!! The day started off with a trip to the Union Square Green Market, where I got a replacement skein for the pink yarn that I got over the summer that broke (see below.)
We also bought a whole bunch of concord grapes, which we made into sorbet and fruit jellies later in the week.
THEN he took me for lunch - he COULD have taken me somewhere fancy but instead, he took me somewhere I'd really enjoy - A Salt and Battery! The fish and chips were amazing!
Afterwards, we stopped into Chocolate Bar for some hot chocolate (for me) and chocolatey tea (for John) even though it wasn't cold at all outside (actually I think John got an iced tea, but no matter.) Here's a photo of John and I there:

Then, the week flew by! And TODAY!? Well, I had my baby shower!!! My mom, sis, and John got me pretty well - I was as surprised as it's possible for me to be surprised! I had suspicions, but really not until I was driving to meet them for "lunch".
It was a great time and it was great to see my family and Jen, who was, sadly, the only of my friends there. Most of my friends DO live more than a day's drive away, so I do understand, but I am VERY thankful for Jen, who is now a blonde!!!

After the shower, I was even more thrilled that my sister, brother, sis in law and Peggy, my sister's friend and now, by extension, my friend, came over and helped put the crib together and get all gifts in the house!! It was truly a great day!!

In knitting news, I've been hard at work at Christmas gifts, so I still can't post photos, but I HAVE been working on that baby blanket, too. It just doesn't look much different than it did before :)

Tomorrow should be fun, too, John & I are going out for breakfast at Thisilldous in Belvidere and then going pumpkin picking. I wish it wasn't going to be 80 degrees here tomorrow, but beggars can't be choosers, right? It's supposed to be more October-ish by the end of this week, so I'll take it!


Contest 3 and MORE

The third contest for SP11 is to "flash your stash," so here goes:

This is where my stash lives.

This is my stash.

I will grant you that it is probably NOT as impressive as some, BUT I don't have a cool LYS and mainly rely on Michaels or AC Moore; so it's all commercial yarn. I'd love to buy some of the hand dyed or other great yarns that I've seen online, but they're pricey! I usually don't have much of a stash at all, actually - I try not to buy any yarn that I don't have a project for. Most of this stuff is going to be used for Christmas gifts!

I'm also working on a baby blanket:

Obviously, I haven't gotten that far, but it's getting there! I'm pretty excited. I'm also working on Christmas gifts for friends, but I can't show you those!!!
By the way, all these photos were taken on my NEW camera! I got a great deal on a Sony Cybershot at Target. I'm very excited about it - now I don't have to share with John (he doesn't share the camera very well).

In other news, the baby bedding is in! We should have the crib put together tonight and the dresser in the nursery!!


What kind of knitting needle...

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I hate titling things

After stalling on knitting for quite some time (got a little discouraged by a project that didn't go so well), I'm back on a roll. I can't show you what I just finished because it's a Christmas present. But now I'm going to start on some things for the baby. Wish me luck!
Finally, I've uploaded the bathroom photos AND I have some pictures and I have some pictures from this weekend, including evidence of my brother actually pitching in! I know, it's a miracle. This past weekend, my family had it's annual sauce event. My sister, brother in law and dad picked plum tomatoes at a local farm earlier that week and over the weekend, we all got together and cook the tomatoes and jarred our sauce - a whole closet full. It was a really good year, too; I guess the weather conditions made the tomatoes perfect for sauce!
So, without further ado, the bathroom:

And the sauce:

And lastly, the rare glimpse of my brother working:


Been Slackin'

So, it's been a while...
I took a break from knitting out of frustration at a pair of gloves; just two days ago I tore it out and decided to go for almost instant gratification: a scarf. It's a good way towards being done now. Thankfully.
The bathroom is DONE! Wah hoo! Of course, John has the camera today, so I have no photos to show you, but it looks awesome and I will put photos up pretty soon.
In other news, I've hit the 30 week mark in my pregnancy! Only 10 more to go - woo hoo! I can't wait to meet my little baby girl!
Also, Fall is finally here in New Jersey - it's about 65 degrees today and it feels fantastic. Yeah, life is good right now.
I can't wait to show you the bathroom - John did such an amazing job.
Oh, and we start the nursery this weekend!!!


SP 11 Contest # 2

In case you're wondering, contest #1 had to do with the questionnaire from a previous post.
Contest 2:

1. What is the one knitting accessory you could not live without?
As I'm a very inexperienced knitter, I'd have to say knitting needles.

2. If you're heading on vacation, do you take knitting with you? If so, how much and what type of project?
I just went on a two day vacation and did not take knitting; however, if I were to take a longer vacation, I probably would take knitting, especially if a long flight or car ride was involved.

3. Where have you travelled to that you'd consider your favorite spot?
Probably Manchester, England. I got to spend the most time there. Though, given the chance between there and Kuaui for a vacation, I'd say take me to the tropical island, definitely. I had the best time of my life in Manchester, though!

4. What is your favorite knitting book at the moment? Do you own it?
I don't have one.

5. Do you listen to podcasts? Which is your favorite(s)?
Not really.

6. If you could only knit with 1 color for the rest of your life, what color would that be?
Blue. No, pink. Eh, it would have to be multi colored.
7. If you were far into a project and then noticed a mistake near the beginning what would you do?
Finish it. In my family, we call things with little mistakes "custom". So, that would just be a custom made piece of knitting.
8. Where is the most unsual spot you've ever knit?
Probably sitting at my desk, overseeing my students' finals last semester.
Not terribly exciting, but such is life.



I went to Jubilee this weekend and have totally fed into my Tupperware addiction! I wasn't sure I would enjoy it, but I really did! I'm so inspired to go out and make money.... PLUS it was fun to spend time with my sister, Margaret, and my first recruit, Winkys. It was a blast, but I am TIRED! Check out my website.
I'm also excited to be home - John was very busy while I was away! He stripped the wallpaper, painted the ceiling, primed the whole room and NOW - it's got a coat of pretty blue paint on it. I'm so excited to have the floor back, the sink in and a fully functioning bathroom again - I think it should be done this week. Thank you, honey!!! Photos to be posted soon....

In other news, I'm getting back to Christmas gifts. Having a bit of trouble on the current one, but I'm determined to stick it out and make it right. Wish me luck!


SP 11 Questionnaire

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
I like any soft yarns, especially made of baby alpaca... I absolutely hate furry yarns and yarns that tangle easily....
2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?
Nothing so far - I have a big basket where I keep all my yarns & the needles are just thrown in there.
3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
I started in October of 2006 - almost a year ago!! I learned at a Michael's - it was a four session sort of thing. Since then, I've taught myself more skills from the internet and I've learned a bunch from my local knitting group. I would consider myself an intermediate beginner.... I have knit scarves, a baby blanket (tedious...), hats, and fingerless gloves. I'm working on a pair of gloves with fingers now!
4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
I do have an Amazon wishlist.
5. What's your favorite scent?
Michael Kors (the one with that name and his Island). I also love floral scents, especially tuberose, which is a tropical flower & hard to find.... and vanilla.
6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?
Oh yes! I LOVE gummy candies, but not sour ones... and chocolate, of course. My big weaknesses are cookies, though!
7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?
I don't spin; I think knitting is probably the only craft I do - I do scrapbook, but not often, only when I come back from a vacation and have a bunch of photos like that. And I'm not very good at it. Occasionally, I make my own cards, but also not very often!
8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
I love "britpop", but also like jazz (new and old), standards (like Sinatra), and some "top 40."
9. What's your favorite color(s)? Any colors you just can't stand?
I love all colors & tones - bright, earthy, pastels... not such a big fan of neons, but some are OK - don't like yellow too much.
10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
I have two small dogs: a beagle and a westie/yorkie mix; a husband, and a baby due in late November!
11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?
Yes, yes, yes, and yes. :) LOVE scarves and mittens!
12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
Every new thing I learn is my favorite...except that baby blanket!
13. What are you knitting right now?
Fingerless gloves/mittens (the have a flap that makes them mittens.)
14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?
Yes, I especially like things that have a purpose and don't just sit on shelves. I love all gifts, though.
15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
I'm getting used to circular, though I think for knitting in the round I'm beginning to prefer double points. I don't like plastic, and I think I like bamboo over aluminum a little, but don't have that much preference.
16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?
No, actually I'm not sure what a swift is...
17. How old is your oldest UFO?
Feeling really green now.... what's a UFO???
18. What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas, though Halloween is a CLOSE 2nd.
19. Is there anything that you collect?
Nope, not really a collector, but I love to read.
20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?
As I said, I'm a bit new at this; I'd love books that have patterns for easy objects that look great... and teach new techniques. Don't have any subscriptions.
21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?
Yes, all of them! My next thing, though, will be using more than one color...
22. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?
Have not yet knitted socks, I'm still a little intimidated by them, but I will eventually try them. I'm a size 7 in shoes...don't know what measurement that is, but my feet aren't especially narrow or wide or anything.
23. When is your birthday?
October 12th!
24. Are you on Ravelry? If so, what's your ID?
I don't know what that is, so I guess not!


Another reason why English classes should be more strict...

This is not the reason, but I have been flipping around the TV a lot today and one thing - a contestant on "Millionaire" pronounced the last name of poet John Donne as dough-n. Not kidding. I laughed, that was funny, and sure, not everyone has to know who a dead white poet is or how to pronounce his name.

The reason, then???? Glad you asked. Flipping through again, I happen upon Fox news Philadelphia. They're talking about being afraid of bridges, talking to a PSYCHOLOGIST about immersion therapy where they use virtual reality. Interesting, really. THEN the PSYCHOLOGIST says, "we like them to use imaginanium"; okay so that's not exact, but it was so WRONG that I think my brain blocked it in the time it took to get to this point in the blog... The worst part is that she didn't stutter or have think about the word, she blurted it out like it was the right thing to say. Note to that "doctor": I think you mean imagination. I learned it when I was four and visited Figment in his Land of Imagination. It's not so hard.

Sorry about getting a little irked here, but, really.... I get how someone might not know how to pronounce "John Donne", but there is no excuse for a literate grown up with at least a bachelor's degree to not know the word "imagination".


July is OVER

And summer is almost over, too! Woo hoo! Sorry to all you warm weather lovers, but I am really looking forward to the Fall!!!!
Ok, so I can't post any photos of what I'm currently knitting because I'm currently knitting Christmas presents! And since I'm mostly a "desperate housewife" lately, I don' t have much of anything interesting to report!! Pretty sad, huh??
I can say that I baked cupcakes today and they absolutely exploded - I have no idea what's going on, but I have some BAD mojo today.
Just about everything electronic has broken. I'm lucky to be on the internet right now. I haven't been able to do that for quite a few days now... John's computer is broken... our cable company suddenly decided we shouldn't be getting the channels that we've been getting... the bright side is that my computer miraculously fixed itself: the monitor broke a few months ago and since John's tower was broken, I went to connect my laptop to his monitor and suddenly my monitor worked.
Gotta love days like this!



When I started knitting, it was for therapeutic reasons - I needed a hobby! I choose knitting in particular because my favorite article of clothing is a blue wool hat with ears that I bought a few years ago in England. As I sat in my first lesson at Michael's, struggling to keep my rhythm with the yarn, I knew one day I'd be able to make my own version of that hat... and less than a year later - I have!!! It's a little big, and not quite as cute as my other bear ears, as I call the hat, but it's something and I'm proud of it (though the expensive yarn that I bought at the Union Square Market broke TWICE while I was knitting it...)
Here it is:In other news, peaches are in season in New Jersey! John & I went picking at Treelicious Orchards in Port Murray, NJ on Sunday. Only a few peaches were ripe, but they will ALL be ripe when we go again this weekend. We were able to pick their MASSIVE blueberries, a few plums and my favorite -

And believe me, they are GOOD!!
Have a good day, everyone!!


The heat breaks.

Thank goodness! I woke up this morning and the nauseating humidity was gone, revealing a beautiful summer day! I didn't even need air conditioning, and I actually did stuff. VERY excited.
The hat is coming along nicely, except for the hole (see previous posts), and I can't believe I'm actually doing it! I'll post photos soon, but my husband has the camera today (I really need to get one of my own!).
I took advantage of the lack of snacks in the house & the good weather to make some brownies. I have found THE best recipe ever: Deep, Dark Brownies.
Even John, who is a pastry chef, admits this is the best recipe he's ever seen. It produces fudgy, dark brownies without them having that undercooked taste (unless, of course, that's what you like.)
I also made zucchini pie, which is a family recipe, it's a crustless, bisquick-based quiche. The recipe is simple:
4 eggs
1/2 cup veg oil
1 cup bisquick
1 medium zucchini
2 cups grated cheddar cheese
1 med. onion
salt & pepper to taste (I also add a tablespoon or two of Italian Seasoning)

Preheat oven to 350 F
Grate the zucchini and onion (I use the attachment on my food processor, mom still grates hers by hand)
Mix all ingredients together.

Pour mixture into a greased 8 x 8 or 11 x 7 pan.
Bake for 45 minutes.
Enjoy the yumminess hot, warm OR cold. (Believe me, leftovers are awesome, you might want to make a double batch - I always do!)

I apologize if someone finds this in a recipe book somewhere, in our family it's simply known as "Mrs. Pagano's Zucchini Pie"

I suppose I've put off putting the laundry away long enough!


Bad News/Good News

Bad News - I'm knitting my hat on the new yarn, it snaps. :(
Good News - I e-mail Mr. Wyatt, he says I can stop by the stall and pick up new yarn.
Bad News - The stall is 1 1/2 hours away.
Good News - I can make it a fun reason to do something cool in the city with my hubby.
Bad News - Hubby can't get time off until... August???


GRRRR - 3 hours gone

Am I the only person this happens to? You buy beautiful yarn, take it out to use it and BAM:

So, I started unknotting and winding and three hours later:
If I'm not becoming a better knitter, I'm at least becoming a more patient person! I think a month ago I would have just wept at the task of what I have now accomplished. Something to celebrate? Maybe not, but I'll take it. :)


Wow! What a week!!

My friend, Courtney, visited me from South Carolina this week & we had such a blast!!!
I took her into Manhattan and we played tourist - it was really fun to show her around, and I can't believe we pretty much saw all of the city's highlights in just TWO days!!!
Above is a photo I took from the Circle Line Cruise - I've never done it before & it was really nice (it was also nice to be sitting for a few hours!)

In other news, after I finished the couple of projects I had going, I didn't have any yarn left! So yesterday we were walking around the Union Square Green Market before taking Courtney to the airport & I came across some really beautiful hand dyed lambswool. So, I think I'm going to attempt to make a hat (wish me luck with my first non rectangle!) Find them here.

I slept basically all day yesterday and all this morning; I believe I can finally say I'm recovered from all the walking. But now it's time to get ready for the hot, sleepy today... will I nap or will I head to my parent's house to dip in the pool? It's so very exciting!


Yes, it has been a while

Hello!!! Sorry it's been a while!I finally finished the baby blanket for my cousin's baby (now one month old). I still have to deliver it, but I will! I also made a pair of fingerless gloves, which were my first attempt at a more difficult pattern. They came out all right; I still need to work on them, and want to find a better yarn for them.

In other news... I'm pregnant! I'm due 11/23 and we found out last week she's a girl!!! There she is!!!
I'm thinking of applying to Fairleigh Dickinson's MFA program in Creative writing, so as my submission gets started, I might post parts of it here. So feedback is welcome. Feedback is also welcomed on my 20 page critical writing sample (eventually appearing here) for my application to the Literature PhD program at Rutgers. Yeah, I have a lot of writing to do. :)



Your Hidden Talent

You are both very knowledgeable and creative.

You tend to be full of new ideas and potential - big potential.

Ideas like yours could change the world, if you build them.

As long as you don't stop working on your dreams, you'll get there.

What's Your Hidden Talent?

I'm feeling very spring-y right now DESPITE the grey weather outside! I just took a walk around the house and all of my tulips are coming up, as well as the irises, hyacinths, and daylilies that were already here! PLUS, the DAFFODILS ARE BLOOMING! It's so exciting!

I've given up on the washcloth, even though it's "easy", it wasn't so much for me... so I'm doing a baby blanket - don't ask what I'm going to do with it, save it, I suppose... I just need to do something that's still rectangular, is mostly a knit stitch and well, that's it. :) Got to start on the pattern thing slowly.

I applied for a job as a full time ghost writer today. Rather, I sent an inquiry to an e-mail address that SAID they were looking for a full time ghost writer. I'm hoping they ask me for some writing samples!


The good the bad the ugly the run on

So it's snowing today - it looks lovely, but for environmental reasons (I suppose) the town is laying sand out and not salt I'm not happy John is at work which sucks because he might get stuck there I'm less happy

I was mindlessly and happily knitting my washcloth when I realized that my flower petal was very large probably too large I glanced at the pattern I had been happily increasing my stitches for about 10 rows too many joy

I pulled it all out now I have a pile of curly ribbon

I have a big stack of midterms that I do not want to even look at can the snow go on forever so I don't have to go back to classes Ever?

Okay that's all for today


I'm in LOVE (again)

WOW!! This new Michael Kors is amazing! It smells JUST like Hawaii... YUMMY - I got it tonight from Sephora - it comes packaged in a cheesy see through "clutch" with a sarong that I will never wear, but I LOVE the fragrance. It's like plumeria, tuberose, sunshine and sweetness. Maybe not what you would think I would like, but I do!

First Blog!

Hello! This is my first blog. I guess I should say something about myself & why I've started this blog.
I'm a part time instructor of English at community colleges in NJ, and I sell Tupperware part time. In my "spare time," I write fiction & I'm a new knitter. I will post blogs about my fiction (I'm currently working on a novel) and about my knitting (I'm currently working a flower shaped washcloth - my first pattern and NOT a scarf!)
If anything else happens or I feel like sharing anything, I will post that, too!