Contest 3 and MORE

The third contest for SP11 is to "flash your stash," so here goes:

This is where my stash lives.

This is my stash.

I will grant you that it is probably NOT as impressive as some, BUT I don't have a cool LYS and mainly rely on Michaels or AC Moore; so it's all commercial yarn. I'd love to buy some of the hand dyed or other great yarns that I've seen online, but they're pricey! I usually don't have much of a stash at all, actually - I try not to buy any yarn that I don't have a project for. Most of this stuff is going to be used for Christmas gifts!

I'm also working on a baby blanket:

Obviously, I haven't gotten that far, but it's getting there! I'm pretty excited. I'm also working on Christmas gifts for friends, but I can't show you those!!!
By the way, all these photos were taken on my NEW camera! I got a great deal on a Sony Cybershot at Target. I'm very excited about it - now I don't have to share with John (he doesn't share the camera very well).

In other news, the baby bedding is in! We should have the crib put together tonight and the dresser in the nursery!!


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I hate titling things

After stalling on knitting for quite some time (got a little discouraged by a project that didn't go so well), I'm back on a roll. I can't show you what I just finished because it's a Christmas present. But now I'm going to start on some things for the baby. Wish me luck!
Finally, I've uploaded the bathroom photos AND I have some pictures and I have some pictures from this weekend, including evidence of my brother actually pitching in! I know, it's a miracle. This past weekend, my family had it's annual sauce event. My sister, brother in law and dad picked plum tomatoes at a local farm earlier that week and over the weekend, we all got together and cook the tomatoes and jarred our sauce - a whole closet full. It was a really good year, too; I guess the weather conditions made the tomatoes perfect for sauce!
So, without further ado, the bathroom:

And the sauce:

And lastly, the rare glimpse of my brother working:


Been Slackin'

So, it's been a while...
I took a break from knitting out of frustration at a pair of gloves; just two days ago I tore it out and decided to go for almost instant gratification: a scarf. It's a good way towards being done now. Thankfully.
The bathroom is DONE! Wah hoo! Of course, John has the camera today, so I have no photos to show you, but it looks awesome and I will put photos up pretty soon.
In other news, I've hit the 30 week mark in my pregnancy! Only 10 more to go - woo hoo! I can't wait to meet my little baby girl!
Also, Fall is finally here in New Jersey - it's about 65 degrees today and it feels fantastic. Yeah, life is good right now.
I can't wait to show you the bathroom - John did such an amazing job.
Oh, and we start the nursery this weekend!!!