Introducing the Tooth Gnome

Unrelated to the familiar Tooth Fairy, this is one of the least known gnomes. That is to say, he is completely unknown to the childless and forgotten in a post-traumatic stress syndrome frenzy by those whose children have a full set of adult teeth. To those just meeting him, those who have blocked his memory and those who may one day meet him, I introduce to you the Tooth Gnome:

It is unfortunate that he is very, very, tiny and you can not see him with the naked eye, but trust me, that IS an exact likeness! If you were to enhance that picture, say, one billion times, you may get a glimpse of his nefarious visage.
Most humans are familiar with the most common, and largest gnome, the Garden Gnome. However, unlike the helpful and faithful Garden Gnome (despite his tendency to become lost in foreign gardens), the Tooth Gnome is not a nice fellow. He takes pleasure in the pain and suffering of others, especially small children, whose size and intelligence he is, frankly, jealous of. He is not bothered by fully grown humans as they are known to be quite stupid and waste their time causing themselves pain anyway. Children, though, he feels are quite vile. The side effect of tormenting parents with their screams (especially in the middle of the night), explosive diarrhea, diaper rashes, and spit up (to name a few) is merely a bonus to this evil little guy.


Topic of the Week!!!

Tell us how you started drinking coffee. Were you in high school or college and making it through all nighters? Did you get it from a family member? What drives your love of the bean?

I started drinking coffee in college. Not the usual way, not to stay up for all night study sessions. When my father would pick me up for holidays or other breaks in Montclair, we would take a detour into Jersey City. We would visit my aunt sometimes, but usually we would travel into a Hispanic neighborhood so he could buy his favorite cigars. We'd then stop into a coffee shop and he would order me a cafe con leche. It was yummy. I was hooked.


SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!


Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap Question of the Week #2...

Since some of us is beginning to see glimpse of Spring, while others are still getting snow have you change what projects are working on? Have you put away the hats, scarfs and mittens, and brought out the cute tank top sweater projects and lacy wraps? Have you change yarn to something more lighter and cooler, not so heavy and bulky?

I always like to work on small, quicker projects, so I guess it doesn't really apply... I'm not knitting winter hats anymore. I'm glad of that! Currently on the needles are: a springy ribbon scarf, a stuffy, and a pair of socks. So I guess I have been changing my projects!

In very exciting news, my garden is BLOOMING!


How does a week go by so quickly?

Wasn't it just Monday? For that matter, wasn't it just Easter? My house still hasn't recovered from the Easter/application madness. I have a LOT of laundry! I think I need a wife ;) I also am far behind on my knitting and haven't even THOUGHT of writing anything, since the rush of getting 15 pages out last week.
I would like to tell you all about something: Modern Yarn, in Montclair is going to start doing Knit A Longs! I can't join the first one, time and budget wise, it's just not realistic. The people there are really nice, though and the first project is the Brighton Bag from the latest Knitty! It's gorgeous! I wish all KALers there the best with the project and if you happen to be anywhere near Montclair, NJ, go and join in for me! Here's the MY blog.

I hope to blog about more fun things soon - I have some good crafty ideas!!