How does a week go by so quickly?

Wasn't it just Monday? For that matter, wasn't it just Easter? My house still hasn't recovered from the Easter/application madness. I have a LOT of laundry! I think I need a wife ;) I also am far behind on my knitting and haven't even THOUGHT of writing anything, since the rush of getting 15 pages out last week.
I would like to tell you all about something: Modern Yarn, in Montclair is going to start doing Knit A Longs! I can't join the first one, time and budget wise, it's just not realistic. The people there are really nice, though and the first project is the Brighton Bag from the latest Knitty! It's gorgeous! I wish all KALers there the best with the project and if you happen to be anywhere near Montclair, NJ, go and join in for me! Here's the MY blog.

I hope to blog about more fun things soon - I have some good crafty ideas!!


Lyndsey-Jane said...

mmm, laundry! I just realised exactly how much we have to do. Karl is normally on top if it and may do a small amount if the need but what his birthday last weekend we are sooo far behind. Just to make matters worse I am limited by what I can do today as we are very short of detergent (and even shorter on fabric softener) and I discovered this 30mins after th shops close.