Your Hidden Talent

You are both very knowledgeable and creative.

You tend to be full of new ideas and potential - big potential.

Ideas like yours could change the world, if you build them.

As long as you don't stop working on your dreams, you'll get there.

What's Your Hidden Talent?

I'm feeling very spring-y right now DESPITE the grey weather outside! I just took a walk around the house and all of my tulips are coming up, as well as the irises, hyacinths, and daylilies that were already here! PLUS, the DAFFODILS ARE BLOOMING! It's so exciting!

I've given up on the washcloth, even though it's "easy", it wasn't so much for me... so I'm doing a baby blanket - don't ask what I'm going to do with it, save it, I suppose... I just need to do something that's still rectangular, is mostly a knit stitch and well, that's it. :) Got to start on the pattern thing slowly.

I applied for a job as a full time ghost writer today. Rather, I sent an inquiry to an e-mail address that SAID they were looking for a full time ghost writer. I'm hoping they ask me for some writing samples!


The good the bad the ugly the run on

So it's snowing today - it looks lovely, but for environmental reasons (I suppose) the town is laying sand out and not salt I'm not happy John is at work which sucks because he might get stuck there I'm less happy

I was mindlessly and happily knitting my washcloth when I realized that my flower petal was very large probably too large I glanced at the pattern I had been happily increasing my stitches for about 10 rows too many joy

I pulled it all out now I have a pile of curly ribbon

I have a big stack of midterms that I do not want to even look at can the snow go on forever so I don't have to go back to classes Ever?

Okay that's all for today


I'm in LOVE (again)

WOW!! This new Michael Kors is amazing! It smells JUST like Hawaii... YUMMY - I got it tonight from Sephora - it comes packaged in a cheesy see through "clutch" with a sarong that I will never wear, but I LOVE the fragrance. It's like plumeria, tuberose, sunshine and sweetness. Maybe not what you would think I would like, but I do!

First Blog!

Hello! This is my first blog. I guess I should say something about myself & why I've started this blog.
I'm a part time instructor of English at community colleges in NJ, and I sell Tupperware part time. In my "spare time," I write fiction & I'm a new knitter. I will post blogs about my fiction (I'm currently working on a novel) and about my knitting (I'm currently working a flower shaped washcloth - my first pattern and NOT a scarf!)
If anything else happens or I feel like sharing anything, I will post that, too!