I hate titling things

After stalling on knitting for quite some time (got a little discouraged by a project that didn't go so well), I'm back on a roll. I can't show you what I just finished because it's a Christmas present. But now I'm going to start on some things for the baby. Wish me luck!
Finally, I've uploaded the bathroom photos AND I have some pictures and I have some pictures from this weekend, including evidence of my brother actually pitching in! I know, it's a miracle. This past weekend, my family had it's annual sauce event. My sister, brother in law and dad picked plum tomatoes at a local farm earlier that week and over the weekend, we all got together and cook the tomatoes and jarred our sauce - a whole closet full. It was a really good year, too; I guess the weather conditions made the tomatoes perfect for sauce!
So, without further ado, the bathroom:

And the sauce:

And lastly, the rare glimpse of my brother working: