Busy week!

So, last weekend, John surprised me and took Saturday off and took me into the city as an early birthday surprise. My birthday isn't until the 12th, but he will have to work and though he IS coming home early, I guess he wanted to make sure he got to spoil me with a whole day, which is fine with me!! The day started off with a trip to the Union Square Green Market, where I got a replacement skein for the pink yarn that I got over the summer that broke (see below.)
We also bought a whole bunch of concord grapes, which we made into sorbet and fruit jellies later in the week.
THEN he took me for lunch - he COULD have taken me somewhere fancy but instead, he took me somewhere I'd really enjoy - A Salt and Battery! The fish and chips were amazing!
Afterwards, we stopped into Chocolate Bar for some hot chocolate (for me) and chocolatey tea (for John) even though it wasn't cold at all outside (actually I think John got an iced tea, but no matter.) Here's a photo of John and I there:

Then, the week flew by! And TODAY!? Well, I had my baby shower!!! My mom, sis, and John got me pretty well - I was as surprised as it's possible for me to be surprised! I had suspicions, but really not until I was driving to meet them for "lunch".
It was a great time and it was great to see my family and Jen, who was, sadly, the only of my friends there. Most of my friends DO live more than a day's drive away, so I do understand, but I am VERY thankful for Jen, who is now a blonde!!!

After the shower, I was even more thrilled that my sister, brother, sis in law and Peggy, my sister's friend and now, by extension, my friend, came over and helped put the crib together and get all gifts in the house!! It was truly a great day!!

In knitting news, I've been hard at work at Christmas gifts, so I still can't post photos, but I HAVE been working on that baby blanket, too. It just doesn't look much different than it did before :)

Tomorrow should be fun, too, John & I are going out for breakfast at Thisilldous in Belvidere and then going pumpkin picking. I wish it wasn't going to be 80 degrees here tomorrow, but beggars can't be choosers, right? It's supposed to be more October-ish by the end of this week, so I'll take it!