Wow! What a week!!

My friend, Courtney, visited me from South Carolina this week & we had such a blast!!!
I took her into Manhattan and we played tourist - it was really fun to show her around, and I can't believe we pretty much saw all of the city's highlights in just TWO days!!!
Above is a photo I took from the Circle Line Cruise - I've never done it before & it was really nice (it was also nice to be sitting for a few hours!)

In other news, after I finished the couple of projects I had going, I didn't have any yarn left! So yesterday we were walking around the Union Square Green Market before taking Courtney to the airport & I came across some really beautiful hand dyed lambswool. So, I think I'm going to attempt to make a hat (wish me luck with my first non rectangle!) Find them here.

I slept basically all day yesterday and all this morning; I believe I can finally say I'm recovered from all the walking. But now it's time to get ready for the hot, sleepy today... will I nap or will I head to my parent's house to dip in the pool? It's so very exciting!