When I started knitting, it was for therapeutic reasons - I needed a hobby! I choose knitting in particular because my favorite article of clothing is a blue wool hat with ears that I bought a few years ago in England. As I sat in my first lesson at Michael's, struggling to keep my rhythm with the yarn, I knew one day I'd be able to make my own version of that hat... and less than a year later - I have!!! It's a little big, and not quite as cute as my other bear ears, as I call the hat, but it's something and I'm proud of it (though the expensive yarn that I bought at the Union Square Market broke TWICE while I was knitting it...)
Here it is:In other news, peaches are in season in New Jersey! John & I went picking at Treelicious Orchards in Port Murray, NJ on Sunday. Only a few peaches were ripe, but they will ALL be ripe when we go again this weekend. We were able to pick their MASSIVE blueberries, a few plums and my favorite -

And believe me, they are GOOD!!
Have a good day, everyone!!