Gaining Composure

Life with Lily is great and we're figuring out how to go about a "normal" day little by little. I've been out with her alone now, which took some time to get my courage up, but we did it and all went well. I went to visit with my friend, Sara, who will be having a baby NEXT WEEK!!!!! I'm very excited to meet Lily's boyfriend ;)
I have been knitting away, furiously, failingly. Would show you photos but, of course, they're for Christmas and I can't risk it. I will be posting photos onto Ravelry soon, so if you have an account, check me out - katlily (nice and easy, right?)

It's snowing today, the second time already! I have a feeling it's going to be a snowy winter (and I am NOT complaining). To that end, I'm entering a contest in the hopes of joining a Hot Cocoa swap!!!! Sound interesting? Check it out http://cocoaswap.blogspot.com/

All righty, I'm going to get back to Christmas knitting, enjoying the snowy cold and - oh how exciting - the baby's first real bath today!!!!