Another reason why English classes should be more strict...

This is not the reason, but I have been flipping around the TV a lot today and one thing - a contestant on "Millionaire" pronounced the last name of poet John Donne as dough-n. Not kidding. I laughed, that was funny, and sure, not everyone has to know who a dead white poet is or how to pronounce his name.

The reason, then???? Glad you asked. Flipping through again, I happen upon Fox news Philadelphia. They're talking about being afraid of bridges, talking to a PSYCHOLOGIST about immersion therapy where they use virtual reality. Interesting, really. THEN the PSYCHOLOGIST says, "we like them to use imaginanium"; okay so that's not exact, but it was so WRONG that I think my brain blocked it in the time it took to get to this point in the blog... The worst part is that she didn't stutter or have think about the word, she blurted it out like it was the right thing to say. Note to that "doctor": I think you mean imagination. I learned it when I was four and visited Figment in his Land of Imagination. It's not so hard.

Sorry about getting a little irked here, but, really.... I get how someone might not know how to pronounce "John Donne", but there is no excuse for a literate grown up with at least a bachelor's degree to not know the word "imagination".


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