Shoes & Yarn Always Fit

I love buying shoes & yarn (not necessarily together) because they always fit, they come in gorgeous colors & they make you feel good. Shoes make your legs look sexy, or feel comfortable, and when most of us who buy yarn buy yarn, it's usually with someone in mind for a gift. Gifting always feels good. The occasional time when we see yarn and have a project in mind for ourselves feels even better.
What does not feel good is clothes shopping. One year ago, roughly, I had no problem clothes shopping. I am now having to deal with the hardest thing I've ever dealt with. More difficult than being sick for 9 months, more difficult than birthing without any pain medication (not my first choice), and certainly worse than a root canal: my post-partum body. It vaguely resembles my body, it certainly feels like it belongs to me. However, when I am fully dressed and glance in the mirror, I do not recognize the body attached to my face. My clothes don't even begin to fit and even the same clothing, the same fit, in a larger size, doesnt fit. I have to discover an entirely different style of clothing that still feels like me. I have to shop in stores I hadn't considered before, sifting through rags that lack my personality.
I have to "do the best with what I have." And it feels horrible.


lyndsey-jane said...

Sorry your feeling a bit down :( Hope you perk up soon. I can't even buy shoes that fit properly as my feet are so wide anything nice and girly hurts, so I live in crocs, doc martens and my buffalos.
Maybe my weightloss has shrunk my feet - might have to go try some on and find out.
Loved my parcel btw - you are such a star!!

Floribunda said...

Don't know how old your baby is by now, but wanted to let you know it does get better. After my daughter was born I nursed her for a VERY long time, all the while thinking that I had become a poor imitation of Dolly Parton - I had the boobs, but not the wig collection.

None of my clothes fit me either, and it was so depressing to throw on an oversized teeshirt every day. The good news is, your body will return to normal: it might not be exactly the body you had BB (Before Baby), but you'll feel good about it again. In some ways, you may even come to prefer the new version!

And knitting baby things is wonderful... they're so small and progress so quickly! BTW, I'm enjoying your blog.