Lots of stuff

Last weekend, John & I went out to the movies! Nonna watched all of her grandkids so that we could go out with my sister and brother in law. Of course, John & I checked out Target for some movie theater snacks; we picked out a few things for us & called the other "kids" to see if they had any requests. My sister, of course, requested Junior Mints, her all time favorite movie food.
WELL, they only had one size: comically large -

After Made of Honor was over (and it was AWESOME, by the way), I went a round with Kung Fu Panda and managed to remain standing, despite his enormity, although I was worse for the wear.

And in crafty news, I finished my Coffee Swap Package and the relaxing, post coffee lavender scented mini pillow and can ship it off to its new owner soon. Not today, though, as I am stuck waiting for the furnace man... But here's a photo of the doo-hicky I made.


Lyndsey-Jane said...

wow! love the coffee pillow, well done!! I have nearly finished the bag for my pal, another amy butler pattern but this time a drawstring bag with handles and some knitting embroidery on the front

The Princess said...

I love the one of you fighting kung fu panda! hilarious!