Kate has been begun. There she is. She's my first toy and she's my winter blah buster for my cocoa swap recipient. I hope she likes it!!! I also hope that I finish it this week, because it has to be sent out - yipes!

In other news...

Cocoa Swap Topic #4:
What is the most memorable vacation I've been on?
You're about to be a little sorry you asked!
No, not really.
The best vacation ever was Paris with my husband. It was only 3 days, but it was amazing! We had such a good time, forgot all of our cares and ate LOTS of pastries!!!!

Another things that makes it memorable? You can do the math - we went in early March 2007.


Hot Cocoa Swap Pal said...

I've ordered your yarn and knitterly goodies, your handmade pressie(s) are done and I'm starting on the little toy tonight. Thursay will be cocoa buying day, and then all will ready. I do believe I am course for getting a parcel out early/ontime for once. Are there any other UK things you would like (I have the Cadbury's & Munchies). We only have crap marshmallows here in the UK so I'll be finding some nicer to send you. What yours fave type of choc, also what's your hubbies fave type of choc? Speak soon.
ps. can't wait to see how Kate turns out.

ducky said...

Pink and brown together are yummy! Looking forward to seeing the hat finished. You just about killed me with those pastry pictures!

Knitting Keep Me sane said...

Those pastry pictures are awesome looking. I could reach through the screen and eat them.