Jumping off the side vs. taking the steps

My afternoon at Modern Yarn...

John was invited by a friend, Mike, who is dating Lynn, to a comic book art exhibit in Montclair. What a great idea, I thought, Lynn & I can hang out at Modern Yarn and knit some and maybe purchase a few things.
WELL, after looking at all the scrumptious yarns, I decided that this was the year I would learn socks. The owner got wind of that and casually mentioned a sock class that would be taking place Tuesday (yes, that's tomorrow!) I thought, I'll never be ready. THEN, I recalled my secret pal for the Cocoa Swap saying that socks weren't that hard and that I shouldn't be afraid of the teeny tiny needles, so I thought, why not? (Looking at all the delicious Koigu sock yarn didn't hurt, either!) So, tomorrow (hopefully with Lynn,) I will be learning how to knit socks! It's very exciting - here's the yarn I picked out:

It was a lot of fun and the people at Modern Yarn are very nice and very helpful - if you're in the area, go check them out and don't forget to have dessert at Raymond's, a few doors down, because my hubby is the consulting pastry chef there and they are WONDERFUL!!!!!! (Esp. the sticky toffee pudding).


Hot Cocoa Swap Pal said...

That yarn is gorgeous!!!! Reminds me of strawberry cream chocolates. Good luck with lesson and I look forward to seeing your progress. I lost my sock mojo for a while, but picked up some simple stockinette socks to work on whilst watching Harry Potter the other night and have it back in adundance.
Take care and have fun!

ducky said...

That yarn looks soooo yummy! Have fun at the class....sock knitting is addictive.