the co-written fairy tale has been, as the knitting world would put it, frogged. My co-author was very excited about the project and it took a different turn than expected, so he is now working independently. I wish him the best and am very glad he has discovered the great joy in writing because the story demands to be written and not for other people. Check out his blog here

As for myself, I will be working on my application to the MFA creative writing program due 4/1

Look for more pages of my own fairy tale after that and of course my knitting will be posted here as soon as I start working on a new project!


Lyndsey-Jane said...

Good Luck with your application. Have you listened to Faery Knitting podcast? Erin is great, she reads a traditional faery story at the beginning then discusses it, followed by chat about her amazing life - she knits, spins, has goats, alpacas and chickens. Well worth a listen.

loretta said...

Good luck with your application. You're a talented person and sure to do well.