Creativity works in mysterious ways

So, I have been a bit stuck on the story. Creativity works in odd ways, though, so I think I'm going to hold off on Chapter 1, and move ahead to Chapter 3. Look out for that in the next few days! You can read ahead to Chapter 2 HERE and get caught up as I write Chapter 3.

While the story has been brewing in my mind, I've been knitting. The latest project is a bunny for Lily for easter. Here's a photo of the body:

I have knitted the ears and one arm and hope to finish the limbs tonight and have an FO tomorrow!

In other news, my husband, baby and I are going on a little trip down memory lane tomorrow, which I'm very excited about. We're going first to Stork's bakery in Whitestone, NY. Stork's is a bakery my parents used to go to when we lived in Flushing, NY. One of my strongest memories of Springtime was getting easter cookies from this bakery! I can't wait to share the memories with my niece and nephew (I think my daughter is a little too young yet!) as well as with you all! I'll be uploading photos of the goodies ASAP!
After that, we're going to The Cloverleaf Tavern in Caldwell, NJ, the site of one of our first dates as well as absolutely DELICIOUS hamburgers - can't wait!


cpeep said...

I rather like the limbless, earless bunny as it is. It looks like...maybe an ameoba in the process of reproducing? :)