Fiction, for a change

“Your majesty,” she ran through the hall, blonde hair flying wildly behind her, twigs and leaves stuck to her long, blue dress and straggled through her knotted mane, and threw herself, face first, at the King’s feet. “The princess has been kidnapped!”

“Please, get up, my child,” the King stroked his long, red beard, apparently in thought, as he waited for the princess’ hand maiden to rise and attempt to smooth her long, frizzy hair. “I think this must be tragic,” the King said slowly. He raised a hand to beckon his chief steward. “Don’t let the people know of this; they will react strongly.”

“I’m afraid,” the portly steward paused, “the people are already aware of the event.” He pulled back the gold curtain that shielded the hall from the streets of X, just as he had done sixteen years before. Then, he had revealed to the joyous masses the new baby princess, Ariadne. Today, just as they had long ago, the people of X were dancing, singing and otherwise occupied in jubilation. They no longer need worry about the noxious ways of the horrible princess, the only heir to the kingdom, and the most miserable wretch of a girl that ever existed in the peaceful kingdom of X.

To be continued (hopefully soon...)

Copyright 2/13/2008 Katherine Sauchelli
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