Busy times!

Summer is officially here & times have gotten, as always, busier.
Lily & I went to California in June to visit Julie, who graduated with her MFA in choreography (GO JULIE!!!). While there, Lily was awed by the dancers:

Of course, while we were so close to Anaheim, we HAD to go
to Disneyland!

Lily had a great time....

This month, Lily learned how to CRAWL, wave, clap, and hold her own bottle. Truly, this is way too much to learn in just one month! She's getting to be such a big girl now.

In other busy news, my friend, Joanna, who lives outside Manchester, England, came to visit us!
While she was here, we had a blast and we miss her now (especially Stella.) We went to the Bronx Zoo with her and visited their newest exhibit, Madagascar - Joanna has been to the real Madagascar and she showed us just where she'd been:

Some other photos from the Zoo:

We saw some CRAZY things at the zoo.

Oh and for my brother in law and all other fans of the Disney movie, Madagascar, we saw this:

I didn't see it, but poo had been flung.
Go Gorillas! You tell those people who's boss!


Anonymous said...

OMGosh.. Madagascar is one of my kids favorite movies.. .and those monkeys are my favorite... so 'cultured' and 'sophisticated' in their discussion of poo... ;-)